1,177 Adherence To Rapid Testing Checks Carried Out By Authorities In Cyprus

Republic of Cyprus authorities carried out a total of 1,177 checks at shops and other businesses which resumed last week for adherence to rapid testing of employees and employers.

According to an announcement made by Health Services, during the week of 8 – 12 February, they made a total of 1,177 checks at business with a total of 4,743 employees in which they issued 4 fines. In addition to the information given, checks were made at 200 hairdressing salons with 380 total employees, 81 beauty parlors with a total of 129 employees, 284 grocery stores with a total of 1,815 employees, 185 kiosks with 490 employees and 427 food services stores with a total of 1,929 employees.

After their checks, Health Services note that there is a high degree of adherence to measures for weekly rapid tests and they are calling on employers and employees to continue with the same vigilance to contain the spread of the virus in the community.

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