Anastasiades: “Our Goal and Our Top Priority is Nothing More Than to Reunite Our Island”

Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades spoke during the Economist Conference and stated that for the Republic of Cyprus the current unacceptable status quo, as well as any deviations from the relevant ideas for the resolution of the Cyprus issue, are not viable options. 

During his speech, President Anastasiades stated that “… I want to reiterate that our goal and our top priority is nothing more than to reunite our island and establish a truly independent and sovereign state, free from foreign dependence either through guarantees or through the right of intervention and presence of foreign troops …”.

The President further added that he hopes that Turkey would realize that it is necessary to create a favorable environment for conducting constructive and good-faith negotiations and denounced Turkey’s activities at the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus.

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