Anastasiades & Tatar Hold Respective Meetings With Lute (Update)

Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar met with UN Secretary-Generals special envoy Jane Holl Lute respectively on Monday. The main purpose for Lute’s presence at the island was to discuss various talking points regarding the upcoming informal 5+1 meeting set to take place in Geneva which is to be convened by the United Nations.

According to news sources in the Republic of Cyprus, President Anastasiades once again reiterated his determination to work with the UN to reach a functional and lasting solution to the Cyprus Problem. Anastasiades also expressed that the presence of the European Union as observer at the meeting in Geneva would be in the interest of both sides, citing recent statements by the Turkish side regarding the issue, that indicate a willingness to have a more positive relationship with the EU.

Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar also gave statements to the press in the north of Cyprus regarding his meeting with Lute saying that: “We are on the eve of an important meeting. We discussed what sort of format will be followed in Geneva. We shared with Lute, our new policy of 2 equal states that live side by side founded upon sovereignty and support cooperation. No one can impose on us”.

Tatar continued by stating that: “We want a new groundwork, which is different from the meetings had which didn’t produce results … The foundation of our agreement must include our state, our sovereignty, and Turkeys right of interference in the instance where a dangerous situation arises in the future … It is our duty to present this to the opposite side with the correct arguments. We will prepare with our team for this meeting … everyone should remain comfortable with this subject and no one should have doubts. You cannot go anywhere with these talks just so there is an agreement. Our responsibility is massive. It should happen in the guarantee of Turkey. It should not lead to any sort of adventure or danger. Cyprus is not the Cyprus of old, the Eastern Mediterranean is also not the Eastern Mediterranean of old. We will take care of our state, our own sovereignty. We will not spread the authority of the Greek side to the North! We can live in cooperation in this country, side by side …”.

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