BREAKING NEWS: Ali Pilli Removed From Position In The North Of Cyprus

According to sources coming out of the north of Cyprus, Dr. Ali Pilli has been removed as the “Minister of Health” in the north of Cyprus and been replaced by Dentist Ünal Üstel, who was the former “Minister of Public Works and Transport” as part of a cabinet change initiated by Ersan Saner. As part of the change Üstel was also replaced by Resmiye Canaltay. 

The following statement was given by Ersan Saner regarding the changes made: “The National Unity Party, is a party which has a rich team that can successfully serve our people. Mr. Ali Pilli has given valuable service to our people as the Minister of Health for the past 20 months. I would like to once again thank him for his service. The pandemic which has affected the world for nearly a year, has also affected life in our country to a serious degree. At this point, I thought it would be good for a change of guard to occur both for Mr. Pilli and our country, so I saw it fitting to go for change at the cabinet”.

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