Covid-19: 90% Of Cases Discovered In December In Cyprus Infected With B.1.258 Variant

According to studies conducted in the last 10 months (between the months of March 2020 and January 2021), the most common variation of the Covid-19 virus in the month of December of last year has been the B.1.258 with 90% of discovered cases being infected. 

According to news sources in the Republic of Cyprus, Professor of Biological Sciences and Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology at the University of Cyprus Leondios Kostrikis described this variant and stated that “… based on the map of mutations, B.1.258 contains the same system of mutations like the British B.1.1.7 … its transmissibility is apparent … it appears Cyprus has the highest prevalence. How this variant was created and where it leads remains unknown. I think we will have more information in the next weeks after we study the phylogeographical analysis of this virus’ map further …”.

Speaking on vaccines, Kostrikis stated that “… there is no result showing that vaccines do not work …” but did not rule out the possibility that the variant might be resisting antibodies created by the available vaccines.

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