Erdoğan Responds to Quran Courses being Banned in North Cyprus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded to the decision taken by the ‘Constitutional Court’ in the north of Cyprus to ban Quran courses by saying that the “TRNC Constitutional Court President must turn around from this mistake, otherwise the steps that we will be taking will be different”. 

The President spoke to the press after the announcement was made and stated that: “… it is impossible for us to accept this announcement made by the Constitutional Court President … secularism is not in the way they understand it and the north of Cyprus is not France …”.

Erdoğan further added that “… the north of Cyprus must bring all the applications adopted by Turkey into its own stage. It is impossible for us to accept the steps taken by unions that are enemies of religion. The Constitutional Court President must hastily turn from this mistake. In the case where he doesn’t, the steps we will take will be different”.

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