Erhürman: “If We Spoke To A Wall, The Wall Would Understand”

CTP Party Leader Tufan Erhürman was a guest on the “Gündem Özel” program of “Ada TV” where he commented on the current agenda with regard to the Coronavirus in the north of Cyprus.

During his guest appearance Erhürman stated that it was said in the beginning that chronic patients and health workers would be receiving the vaccine first as part of the Coronavirus vaccination program, but that there was a move to the 2nd stage before the end of this 1st stage.

Erhürman also touched upon vaccines from that will be coming from Turkey, saying that the vaccination of one program must be complete before the arrival of vaccines from Turkey, that “there is still no new vaccination program ahead of us. They are saying that face to face education will not be opened until all teachers, all administrative staff, all public transporters are vaccinated. This is true. But where did you put this in the vaccination program?”.

Erhürman finished by saying that protests and civil disobedience will be the result of condemning the public to a lack of planning and programming, that as the opposition they have always brought this up but that “there is no one listening, or understanding … even if there is someone listening, there is no one that understands … if we spoke to a wall, the wall would understand”.

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