Erhürman: The ‘Ignorance’ of Tatar is ‘Unbelievable’

CTP party leader Tufan Erhürman spoke on the Cyprus issue and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatars’ comments on the subject and stated that “… it is unbelievable … his issues with regard to knowledge is unbelievable”.

According to news sources in the north of Cyprus, Erhürman spoke on the recent comments in the Cyprus issue made by Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar and stated the following:

“There are heated developments with regard to the Cyprus issue … but are these really developments? Tatar made statements after his meeting with Lute. You really listen to it with astonishment … Tatar is saying that something new is being discussed after 50 years … to think that such an old thing is new, with respect to the level, is quite astonishing, shocking … and then after, as if trying to fix it, he said something like Mr. Denktaş said it during that time, but a federation was being discussed … it is unbelievable … his issues with regard to knowledge are unbelievable … it is necessary to return to being wise before Geneva …”.

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