Ersan Saner: “The Turkish Cypriot People Do Not Have Another 52 Years to Lose”

Ersan Saner said That a Federation was Discussed For 52 Years and Stated That "The Turkish Cypriot People Do Not Have Another 52 Years to Lose"

According to news reports from the north of Cyprus, Saner spoke during the “General Assembly” and stated that meetings for a Federation have been held for 52 years, that there isn’t another 52 years to lose and that they will be going to the 5-party conference as “two separate states”.

Saner: “Game-Changing Policy Is Being Followed at Maraş (Varosha)”

Saner also touched on the issue of Varosha and said that a “game-changing policy is being followed” at the closed area, that “… a policy that is both focused on tourism and where the owners can return is being pursued in Maraş (Varosha) … we are making a policy on people’s hopes, not their pain …”.

Saner: “Vaccines Will Be Provided by Turkey & South Cyprus”

Ersan Saner also touched on the subject of Covid-19 Vaccines and stated that the vaccines will be provided to the north of the island “… by Turkey & South Cyprus …”.

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