Ersan Saner – “We Have Received 80 Thousand Vaccines From Turkey”

Ersan Saner made comments regarding the pandemic to media in the north of Cyprus, stating that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were continuing to be felt in the north part of the island just like the whole world and that there was a serious increase in the number of Covid cases globally.

According to news sources coming out of the north of the island, Saner commented that in comparison to the Republic of Cyprus and Malta, the rate of increase in cases was not the same as in the north part of the island and explained that based on the authority given by the “Contagious Diseases Law” they first authorized local administrations on how to carry out inspections and proceeded to create the opportunity for inspections to be carried out by authorities.

Speaking on vaccines, Saner noted that vaccinations were ongoing within the framework of a program scheduled by health authorities in the north and reminded that a total of 80 thousand doses of the Sinovac Vaccined had arrived and now the second dose of vaccinations were being carried out.

Saner – “… South Cyprus has taken 70 thousand vaccines from the EU. We on the other hand have received 80 thousand vaccines from Turkey and are continuing with our vaccinations within the framework of our vaccination program …”, expressing gratitude to the Republic of Turkey and saying that the public will be facing any problems regarding the subject of vaccines.

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