Ersin Tatar: “We Will Not Be A Patch To The Greek, We Are Searching For Our Right. This Right Is The Acknowledgement Of Our Independence”

According to news sources coming out of the north of Cyprus Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar spoke on the solution of the Cyprus problem and said that “I can always carry hope, as long as the opposite side shows us the necessary respect. We will not go and be a patch to the Greek. We will show every type of courage to not become a patch. We are searching for our right. This right is the acknowledgement of our independence. There are two separate populations and areas in Cyprus”.

Speaking to Turkish Media, Tatar added that “Cyprus, is not the Cyprus of old; the Eastern Mediterranean, is not the Eastern Mediterranean of old, the conditions are changing”. Emphasizing that it is possible for two independent states to coexist next to each other with cooperation, Tatar added that “There can be a cooperation with regard to the use of the energy resources. There can be a cooperation regarding other issues as well, but co-habitation is essential. Tatar also underlined that for these things to occur there must be “voluntary consent”, that federations can be created out of necessity but that such a thing is currently not a necessity for them. Asked on a possible two-state solution, Tatar stated that “we will revive the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.


Tatar also spoke on the relationship between the north of Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey, stating that “Turkey has always been our motherland. Our biggest wish is for Turkey to have much more say in the area and for it to strengthen economically. From this standpoint, I see that Turkey has a lot of power”.
“Possibly for the first time in years, the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey are preparing to meet under a consensus while being in one-hundred percent harmony. This is comforting for us. It is also extraordinarily important that this comfort strengthens our position”.


Speaking on the subject of Varosha, Tatar stated that “Maraş [Varosha] will in time become just like any other TRNC area. There is no legal obstacle to stop it from becoming a civil location. We do not find it correct to take an early step. Tatar also shared that foundational work at Varosha is ongoing and that very soon the work will begin its second phase.

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