European Union: “The EU will be in Geneva”

The European Union have announced that they will be part of the five-party summit on Cyprus set to take place next month.

According to news sources in the Republic of Cyprus, the EU made the announcement via a senior official who said: “The EU will be in Geneva; it will be in the subsequent negotiations with the same status it had in Crans-Montana. This is clear”.

Previously government spokesperson Kyriacos Koushos had stated that the Republic of Cyprus had been trying to persuade the United Nations to invite EU to the summit. On the other hand, despite the EUs desire to attend the meeting strictly as an observer the Turkish side had completely rejected this idea with reference to the possibility of a lack of impartiality by the Union during the meeting.

The EU senior official also added that “… whatever the solution, it will be implemented with the island inside the EU, we have the acquis communautaire, it is a logical consequence that we will be there …

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