EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Okan Dağlı on the partial opening of Varosha – “This creates tension”

Word From Cyprus reached out to spokesperson and activist for the Famagusta Initiative Dr. Okan Dağlı , to get his thoughts on the partial opening of the closed area of Varosha.

Veli Kerlo

How does this affect the elections in the north of Cyprus?

Dr. Okan Dağlı – “This was obviously done to affect the elections. When we look at Social Media, everyone, whether they follow politics closely or not so closely, have shown a negative reaction to these developments. They have assessed that this is an interference to the will of Turkish Cypriots. In my opinion, the situation will not have the results that those who have done such an interference expect. From what I see there is a big negative response from those that want no interference with the will of Turkish Cypriots, that want Democratic Participation. Of course some nationalist groups of people can applaud these developments, however, from what I see the majority of people are against this. I think that these actions will turn on those that have taken them on Sunday at the ballots”.

How do you think the subject of Varosha will end?

Dr. Okan Dağlı – “This subject has been going on for a very long time now. How will Varosha reopen? Who will be controlling it? Will former residents be able to return? Obviously, these new developments have turned everything upside-down. We think that any opening that is so one-sided, which leaves out the other side, which leaves out the rightful owners, will only be dividing the two communities. We also see that all the other political parties [in the north of Cyprus] are also against such an action. As you know we also saw the breakaway of the HP [Peoples Party] from the coalition government, who also supported the opening of Varosha under the administration of the TRNC. Even they were against these actions, which shows us that there is definitely a consensus regarding this subject”.

To the question of what he personally generally thinks of these new developments, Dağlı said that these one-sided actions create tension at the island, that these actions create divisiveness and that he personally as well as the Famagusta Initiative do not support the one-sided opening of Varosha without the equal participation of its rightful owners. Lastly, to the question of what he himself and the Famagusta Initiative think of the protest by the Greek Famagusta Municipality tomorrow at the Deryneia Check Point, Dağlı said that they salute the participators of the protest since they are the rightful owners at Varosha.

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