Former house speaker Gingrich claims US riots caused by ‘Soros-Elected’ officials

Protests against police brutality have continued in the United States for several months already, often growing into violence against local police and residents, vandalism of municipal property, and looting local businesses.

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker and now a Fox News contributor, has accused “Soros-elected, left-wing” officials of inciting violent protests in the United States.

“The number one problem in almost all the cities is George Soros-elected, left-wing, anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep people locked up”, Gingrich said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” on Wednesday.

He added that Democratic district attorneys are the “main cause” of the continuing riots and vandalism.

“Both Harris and Biden have talked very proudly about what they call progressive district attorneys. Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal, and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros’ money. They are a major cause of the violence we are seeing because they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street”.

As the puzzled hosts tried to interrupt him, Gingrich cried, “He paid for it!”

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump that Democrats pose the biggest threat to the November election, which he considers more dangerous than alleged foreign interference.

“To me, that’s a much bigger threat than foreign countries because much of the stuff coming out about foreign countries turned out to be untrue.”

He also reiterated concerns about mail ballots, which have been promoted by Democrats as a safe means to vote amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s very dangerous for our country,” Trump said of unsolicited ballots. “And you know who knows that better than anybody? The Democrats.”

President Trump has repeatedly warned the public that the Democrats have sent 80 million ballots over the mail mostly to people who have not asked for them and may likely misuse them to affect the election result. In a tweet posted recently, he urged North Carolina voters to go to their polling places and check to see if their mail-in ballots have been counted.

Earlier, the president said that what his opponents want is a “bailout of Democrat-run states that are doing poorly”.

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