Health Minister: “Quick Exit From The Restrictions Is Our Desire Too”

Republic of Cyprus Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou stated that “… quick exit from the restrictions is our desire too …” expressing in the same breath however that he is deeply concerned over health and safety violations and that this is delaying a return to normality.

As per news sources in the Republic of Cyprus, Ioannou responded to criticsm coming from work sectors bound by restrictions and shut downs and stated that “… our objective was, and still is, the controlled exit from restrictions to avoid a setback that would lead to fresh prohibitions and trap us in a vicious circle with even worse social and financial effects …”, saying that trying to satisfy all demands would have gone against the general objective idea.

Ioannou: “… recommendations, views, and critique are respected … we have proven that feasible recommendations are adopted as long as they are practically applicable, and mainly, do not endanger public health … at the same time however, I want to express deep concern over the fact that this very good image is marred by lack of discipline that constitutes disrespect towards the feelings of the people and neutralise many months of sacrifice and deprivation … quick exit from the restrictions is our desire too. There is no way however, that we will make hasty decisions that undermine the effort to return to safe conditions …”.

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