Man in North Cyprus Arrested for “Insulting President and Government”

According to news reports coming out of the north of Cyprus, Erdal Eryener was arrested and taken to court on Tuesday for “writing with the intention to insult”. 

Eryener, who is a dialysis patient and has been calling for help and looking for a kidney transplantation, aired his discontent about the situation on Facebook which was deemed as “insulting” within the framework of the law in the north of Cyprus.

During the court proceedings it was determined that Eryener could not, at this point, sway the investigation in any way and he will be tried without arrest and he was charged 3 thousand Turkish Liras to be payed in cash.

Eryener was also given the oppurtintiy to speak during the court hearing and he informed the court that he was a dialysis patient and was receiving treatment in the Republic of Cyprus waiting for a kidney transplant, and that despite repeatedly informing the authorities in the north of Cyprus he did not receive any help.

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