Newspaper Headlines From the North of Cyprus (13/11/2020)

Erdoğan Coming To Cyprus For Picnic, Akıncı Criticized For "Dividing The People"

Word From Cyprus brings you the latest newspaper headlines from the north of Cyprus. The two headlines which stand out on this Friday morning come from the Havadis and Volkan newspapers with the two subject points being the upcoming arrival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the north of the island to attend a picnic on Sunday and criticism directed at former Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı for “Dividing The People”. 

The first headline comes from Havadis which states: “Erdoğan Listen to this Voice”

In this article Havadis asks the Turkish President to “listen to” 62 organizations both from the north and the south of the island calling for the stop of the one-sided opening of Varosha. Within the article the organizations offer various reasons as to why this move would be negative for the island, one such negative being that a one-sided opening will be “… against the decisions taken by the UN Security Council …” and that “… this attempt will damage the peace process, the stability at the area and the relationship between the two sides …”.

Further information is given regarding the arrival of Turkish President Erdoğan at the island at the bottom right corner of the Havadis newspapers’ front page, where it is noted that the Ercan Airport will stop all flights between the hours of 10:00 – 22:00 on the 15th of November (the day Erdoğan is expected to visit the island).

The second headline of the day comes from the Volkan newspaper which states: “Akıncı Stop Dividing The People, Lay Off The Nation”

In their headline article, Volkan newspaper touch on the “Democracy and Will” protest that took place on Tuesday criticizing and saying that “They Blabbered During The Walk Of Shame”. The newspaper heavily criticizes the attendance of former Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı at the protest on Tuesday stating that “… despite claiming that his 45 year political career is over, he (Akıncı) is in the streets for a new office which has caught his eye … Once again he is aiming at motherland Turkey. He continues to use his hostility towards motherland Turkey for his own political aims. He does not hesitate to divide our people into camps …”. Volkan continues its heavy criticism of the former leader saying “… shame on you Akıncı, for saying that Greeks are our brothers … shame on you for shaking hands with EOKA who have blood on their hands … stop dividing the Turkish Cypriot people into camps …”.

These were the headlines from the north of the island on Friday 13/11/2020.

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