One more tragic day in the tragic history of Cyprus

The painful events that occurred 46 years ago today, will likely go down as the longest lasting national pain in history.

The coup that took place 46 years ago on the 15th of July in 1974 is still remembered with the remains it left behind.

While those who threw themselves in front of tanks and guns in the name of their country are remembered today with sadness, it can be said that it is just as painful to know that their killers have yet to be judged in front of court.

Just like it did on the 15th of July 1974, siren noises were heard 46 years later around the island of Cyprus.
Cypriots woke up today, not just with siren noises, but also with their pain. Cypriots woke up with division, with loss and with their anger towards the killers who have yet to be judged.

It is written in the following way in the history books: “The results of a criminal plan from years ago”. “The tanks were ordered on the morning of the 15th of July 1974 to go to the Presidency in Nicosia, to the RIK television organizations’ headquarters, to CYTA and the airport”. Since it is written in this way in Cypriot history books, it seems that this is how the events are remembered in memories.

On one hand, Makarios’ death was being announced on national television, while on the other Makarios himself was giving the news that he was in fact alive through a private broadcast in Paphos and saying: “I am Makarios. I am the person that you elected to be your leader. I am not dead. I am alive”.

And this is how 46 years ago this islands tragedy began. 46 years ago, today, in the morning of the 15th of July, the announcements of disaster were made.

Once again after 46 years, in the morning of the 15th of July, these old wounds reopened, once again, the never-ending existence of a problem was thrown in the face of the Cypriot people in its truest form.
With the hopes that these events are never relived 46 years later and with the hopes that this never-ending problem is finally solved.

Word From Cyprus

The following mini-documentary from the time by the Associated Press discusses the Makarios years in Cyprus.

Associated Press

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