Political Leaders Set To Accompany Anastasiades To Geneva Talks

Political leaders will be accompanying Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades to the informal five-party summit which is set to take place in Geneva next month. 

According to sources in the Republic of Cyprus, Anastasiades informed all political leaders during the National Council on Tuesday about his various contacts with EU & UN officials regarding the Cyprus issue. During the Council all political leaders were invited to the summit by the President, with all leaders – except far right ELAM – responding positively to the invitation. Government spokesperson Kyriacos Koushos announced the development saying that: “… the political leaders will be present in Geneva during the five-party summit …”.

Various political leaders have also spoken on the upcoming meetings in Geneva with EDEK leader Marinos Sizopoulos saying that the President must be “very well prepared” in order to prevent looming dangers for the Republic of Cyprus. Whereas leader of the Solidarity Movement Eleni Theocharous explained her reasoning for her acceptance to attend the summit saying that she would be going to Geneva to back Anastasiades so that no concessions are made under Turkish pressure.

Theocharous – “We told the president we are sure he will be pressured at the summit to accept a confederate solution which will be presented as a concession made by the Turkish side”.

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