President Anastasiades Visits Famagusta General Hospital; Praises Health Workers

Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades paid visit to the Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni on Friday where he praised health workers for their work during the pandemic.

The President gave statements to the press during his visit where he spoke directly to hospital staff thanking them for their service on behalf of the state and on behalf of those that they have helped during the pandemic. The President added that the real heroes of the pandemic are those in the front lines at general hospitals, that he is proud that they made Cyprus second in the list of the most reduced deaths due to the virus, third in vaccination and first in management of the pandemic.

Asked about the concerns regarding the AstraZeneca vaccines reliability, the President stated that these concerns must be put to the side as the benefit is much greater.

Anastasiades: “… reasonably, after the uproar that was created, some people are expressing concerns. But if you calculate the percentage that can be affected by side effects in relation to everyday drugs such as painkillers, etc. that may have more side effects, I believe that the benefit is much greater. That is why I call on people to put aside their reasonable concerns and think about their lives. “Vaccination is what saves lives and we should not overlook the fact that many times many expediencies come to the fight against or the defense and promotion of a drug …”.

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