Republic of Cyprus Presidency On Turkish Provocation in North Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus Presidency have made an official announcement regarding the Turkish provocations in the north of Cyprus. The full statement is as follows:

“… The President of the Republic and the Government condemn the secessionist act of the declaration of the illegal regime, in the areas of the Republic of Cyprus under military occupation by Turkey, which is contrary to international law and the UN resolutions.

Unfortunately, today’s dark anniversary of the declaration of the illegal regime was chosen by Turkey and its President Tayyip Erdogan, and the illegal regime, to create new fait accompli on the ground, demonstrating in practice, that Ankara does not respect at all international legality, European principles and values, and its obligations toward the EU, boastfully showing contempt and violating the relevant decisions and resolutions of the UN.

At the same time, Turkey and its President, through their actions, torpedo the prospect for the creation of the appropriate climate which the UN Secretary-General demands in order to launch his new initiative toward the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Today’s provocation and illegal act by the Turkish President and the illegal regime will also be denounced once again to all international fora in which the Republic of Cyprus participates …”.

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