Tatar: Greece and Greek Cypriots violated the 1960 constitution of the Republic of Cyprus

Ersin Tatar said on Sunday that the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo has been usurping the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people for decades and taking decisions as if the island completely belonged to them.

Speaking to private Turkish broadcaster CNN Türk, Tatar said that the actions taken by Greece and the Republic of Cyprus were in violation of the constitution of the 1960 Cyprus Republic.

“… That is why we are continuing our struggle, which is why we continue to seek our rights. We do not want anything more, …” he said.

Tatar said that Turkish Cypriots needed to do everything possible and to act together with the Republic of Turkey to protect the Blue Homeland.

Tatar explained that the Turkish Cypriot people lived in peace and prosperity thanks to the support of motherland Turkey.

On the issue of Varosha, Tatar said that the fenced-off city had remained closed for 46 years as it was seen as part of a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus Problem.

He added that the town should be reopened since there were no prospects for a solution.

Regarding the settlement of the Cyprus Problem, Tatar said that he supported the idea of a two-state solution based on sovereign equality.

“… We need to persuade the UN and other concerned parties. This would be the right way to proceed in order for the balances in the Eastern Mediterranean to be acceptable, …” he said.

On the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Tatar said that the TRNC always stood by their Azeri brethren.


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