Tatar says Federal Settlement Entails Greek Cypriot Domination

Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar was involved in a video conference with civil society organizations in the north of Cyprus on Monday, where he underlined the need for a two-state solution.

According to news sources from the north of Cyprus, Tatar informed the organizations about ongoing preparations for the Geneva summit set to take place in April and stated that the two-state model that will be brought to the table by Turkish Cypriots will be ‘a historic move’.

Tatar also spoke on the principle of single sovereignty, stating that a federal based settlement would only allow Greek Cypriots to establish control over the north of the island.

Tatar: “… that is why we need a two-state solution in Cyprus … sovereign equality and Turkey’s guarantees safeguard the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ existence …”.

The Turkish Cypriot Leader also spoke on the ‘unjust isolations and embargoes imposed on Turkish Cypriots’, saying that they are ‘unacceptable and that all efforts will be made to end them’.

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