Tatar: “The Scales Are In Our Favor”

As per news sources from the north of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar spoke on the Cyprus Issue and stated that “… at the point reached, the scales are in our favor and while we have raised the bar, it is best to defend this policy in this way and that’s what we will do …”.

Discussing the latest developments at the island, Tatar stated that neither the country nor the region is the same, that during various visits from chief of missions of the UN, EU etc. they stressed the importance of Cyprus and their willingness to contribute to an agreement at the island.

Tatar: “… Cyprus is our homeland and I want to emphasize the importance of the work being carried out in cooperation with motherland Turkey for the strengthening, development and progress of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which we cherish … an agreement on a federal basis in Cyprus has been inconclusive and during the process that has been continuing for 50 years the other party’s intentions have surfaced …”.

Tatar finished off by saying that they had drawn attention to the emergence of a two-state solution, noted the importance of the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriots and concluded with: “… by acting together with our guarantor country, which is also the most powerful nation in the region and our motherland, the Republic of Turkey and defending our policy together we have obtained a remarkable position …”.

Tatar also touched on the UNSC Resolution 186 and stated that the resolution adopted 57 years ago which had authorized the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force on the island to put an end to the hostilities unleashed by the Greek Cypriots had resulted in the recognition of the Republic of Cyprus as the legitimate government on the island.

Tatar also stated that the main cause of a non-solution at the island was the decision taken by the Republic of Cyprus at the London Conference, saying that:  “The Greek Cypriot administration through this decision ignored the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ political equality, its sovereignty and proposed a minority status for Turkish Cypriots … the Greek Cypriot side refuses to accept a settlement, sees itself as the sole owner of the island and continues its domineering mentality as a result of this resolution which is still in force. The Greek Cypriot side will never assent to a solution as long as this resolution remains in force …”.

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