Tatar – “We Are Ready To Do Whatever We Can For The Peace That Has Existed At The Island Since 1974”

Speaking to TRT WORLD, Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar spoke on the Cyprus issue, stating that the way forward is with two equal states, that “as the Turkish Cypriot side we insist to move forward with our state, but we are ready to cooperate, we are ready for negotiation”.

Speaking on the phone conversation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Tatar noted that the Turkish President had brought up a two-state solution during the conversation and that a two-state solution would not only be a win-win situation with regard to cooperation for a party at the island, but that this also be the case for new regional cooperation opportunities.

Tatar – “I was so happy that he brought up the Cyprus Problem during the telephone conversation, I thank President Erdoğan … Until now everything on the table was a federal structure. We are now talking about two fundamentally different, independent states which exist next to one another in Cyprus and cooperate on various subjects. If we do reach a result, every Cypriot, including Greek Cypriots will benefit because there are a lot of potential gains to be made through a path of agreement …”.

The Turkish Cypriot Leader continued by pointing out that in the environment of peace there had been no problems ever since 1974, that no blood has been spilled since then.

Tatar – “We are ready to do whatever we can for the peace that has existed at the island since 1974. Ever since 1974 up until the present period, no problems arose, and no blood has been spilled. Therefore, it is very important to protect this environment of peace. With this reason, we must see the realities in Cyprus. The realities in Cyprus show that we will be continuing our path fundamentally with two equal states … If no solution is reached, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots will move forward in their own path separately”.

Upon being asked a question, Tatar reiterated what he said during his meeting with Josep Borrell and stated that due to the fact the Republic of Cyprus and Greece are a member of the European Union, this makes the European Union another party and that them sitting at the negotiation table would not be in their favor and that the only parties that can take a seat at the table are parties which are mutually agreed upon by both sides.

Lastly as a response to another question, Tatar spoke of the UKs role in the situation, saying that the UK knows the Cyprus Problem well, that their presence at the table was not due to this, but because they are a guarantor state. Tatar added that the UK is showing an active role for the two sides to reach an agreement.

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