Tatar: “We Will Not Yield To Greek Cypriot Demands”

Based on news sources coming out of the north of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar responded to statements made by Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades and stated that “… we have brought to the agenda a new solution model based on the cooperation of two sovereign equal states as a new view and a new path. We will put this on the agenda at the informal 5+ 1 meeting and we will not take a step back …”.

Saying that while all the attention on the Cyprus issue has turned to the informal 5+ 1 meeting expected to take place in the coming weeks, Tatar stated that the provocation and unacceptable demands of the Republic of Cyprus continues to intensify, adding that the Republic of Cyprus’ impositions aimed at the informal 5+ 1 meeting, that the UN parameters should not change, that the Turkish Cypriot side should end its plans to fully open the closed city of Varosha and that the activities of Turkey should end in the Eastern Mediterranean are unacceptable.

Tatar further added that Anastasiades making such impositions and putting forward conditions means that they support the continuation of the status quo in Cyprus and aimed at dynamiting the informal meeting.

Tatar: “Insisting on the current parameters means to support the non-solution on the island … our solution model is based on the cooperation of two sovereign states that have equal rights and live side by side … our expectation from the Greek Cypriot side is that they give up on their outdated mentality, impositions and unacceptable conditions and help open the way for dialogue …”.

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