Tatar: “What is Essential is that Turkish Cypriots can Continue to Exist on this Island Under their Own Sovereign State in Security and Freedom”

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar met with Minister for European Neighborhood and the Americas at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Wendy Morton and gave statements to the press after the meeting.

According to sources from the north of Cyprus, in his remarks Tatar stated that a solution in Cyprus can only be based on realities of the island and the sovereign equality of two states. Tatar added that he passed on the views of the Turkish Cypriot side to Morton, that he told Morton that the UK as a guarantor country in Cyprus with a long-standing history at the island had a great responsibility with regard the Cyprus Problem. Tatar also stated that it was now time for the UK to review its relationship with the north of Cyprus and Turkish Cypriots since it had left the European Union, in particular easing the international embargoes and isolation imposed on the north of the island.  Tatar also reminded the thoughts invoked by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw during the meeting who recently stated that it was a mistake for the European Union to allow Greek Cypriots to join the union before a settlement had been reached at the island.

Speaking of a solution at the island, Tatar stressed that it was impossible to impose a settlement on Turkish Cypriots with promises of economic prosperity, saying that any settlement reached at the island would require the consent of Turkish Cypriots.

Tatar: “… what is essential is that Turkish Cypriots can continue to exist on this island under their own sovereign state in security and freedom … I told Ms Morton that the Turkish Cypriot side has always displayed its good will and flexibility but that it was the Greek Cypriot side which had failed to show the same constructive stance …”.

Tatar also spoke on direct flights from the UK to the north of Cyprus and vice versa and stated the following:

“… as I told the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab during our last meeting, the UK should look into ways of easing restrictions, launching direct flights or establishing commercial ties with the TRNC now that Brexit has been realised. I believe this will have huge benefits to both our countries …”.

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