Toughest of times for Louroujina (VIDEO)

Louroujina: The biggest village of middle Mesaoria before 1974

Louroujina was the biggest village of Cyprus’ mid-Mesaoria before 1974. These days the village has a population of 300-350 people. Up until 1958, the village was home to two communities. While the population during that time was between 4000-5000, migration began after 1974 with the closing of the pass point connecting the village with southern Cyprus.

Due to these migrations, when we look at population numbers at the village today, we see that it continues its fight for survival with 300-350 people.

Song performed by Georgios Dalaras
Music produced by Marios Tokas
Words written by Neşe Yaşın in the poem “Yurdunu Sevmeliymiş İnsan”

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