Tufan Erhürman: “Federation Does Not “Die” When You Say Its Dead, A Two-State Solution Is Impossible”

CTP Party Leader Tufan Erhürman attended an exclusive media interview  with newspaper “Kıbrıs Postası” in the north of Cyprus and commented on possible solution scenarios in Cyprus stating that “Federation Does Not “Die” When You Say Its Dead, A Two-State Solution Is Impossible”.

Erhürman: “The expectation was for the Greek side to also stay close to a two-state solution. Since the start, we have been saying that there are resolutions taken by the UN Security Council, and that the Cyprus Problem can be solved with a model based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality. A bi-communal, bi-zonal federation based on political  equality was once again emphasized, in the UNs latest resolution this past month. After the English Foreign Minister departed, Tatar stated that ‘England understands us’. The suggestion that was leaked to the media as England’s plan also has as its foundation a federation. In the Mitsotakis-Anastasiades meeting an emphasis was put on a solution with a foundation of a federation. Which are these international organizations that are claimed to be looking warmly to a two-state solution? There is not a single one. If you go to the 5+1 meeting with this thesis, is it too hard to figure out what will come out of this conference? Are we going to this conference so that it is said that ‘Anastasiades, backs a solution within the framework of UN resolutions, but the Turkish Cypriot side remains outside the framework of UN resolutions … Anastasiades wants a solution, the side that does not want, is the Turkish Cypriot side’?.  You are also trying initiate an economic development in the TRNC without partaking in negotiations. Why are you saying that you will do this by going to the negotiations? Because you are holding bargaining high, you will go to a compromise at the 5+1. These are bargaining tactics. However, I do not think so when I look at Tatars statements. My concern is regarding the future of the Turkish Cypriot population. The second you get rid of your will for a solution, the world creates sentences such as ‘you don’t want a solution’”.

Erhürman continued by saying that the first condition for a two-state solution, is the acknowledgement of the administration in the north of Cyprus, and that the first condition for this to occur is the removal of the UN Security Councils Resolutions. He added that for a formula other than a federation to be accepted under the UN umbrella, the UN Security Councils resolution must be removed. “The UN Security Councils resolutions will either be removed, or new ones will be adopted in their place … the UNs permanent members and the Greeks need to say ‘yes’ to this. In this conjecture, I do not believe that a dual statehood will occur. Wanting the impossible does not mean wanting a solution. If you discuss what is possible then, then you have the possibility of reaching a comprehensive solution”.

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