“Turkish Cypriots Have Until Now Behaved Well But What Has Being A Good Boy Earned Us?” – Ersin Tatar

Speaking on the issue of equality between the communities in Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar stated that conditions must be created where the Turkish and Greek sides are on the same level with regard to international status.

According to sources coming out of the north of Cyprus, Tatar spoke after being paid a visit at his offices and said that: there are 2 peoples at the island, that Greek Cypriots should respect this and that “… we do not consider changing our position on this issue. If rights are not based on sovereignty, then it is not a right. For our rights to be registered they must be based on sovereignty …”.

Tatar continued by saying that the international community had failed to end the isolation of Turkish Cypriots, that despite their constructive stance, Turkish Cypriots continued to be subjected to embargoes and isolation.

Tatar – “Turkish Cypriots have until now behaved well but what has being a good boy earned us? … our policy is not to be submissive. We will never accept being absorbed as a minority within the Greek Cypriot state …”.

Tatar finished off by saying that the administration in the north of Cyprus and Turkey will continue to defend their rights and interests at the Eastern Mediterranean with an honorable and sensitive policy.

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