Turkish Cypriots Ready to Share Water from Turkey with Greek Cypriots

As per sources coming out of the north of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar stated on Monday, that in the event of a solution, Turkish Cypriots would be willing to share water being sourced from the Republic of Turkey with Greek Cypriots.

Speaking at the Panagra (Geçitköy) Dam to mark World Water Day, Ersin Tatar spoke on the importance of water being pumped to the north of the island from Turkey, saying that it has been especially important in the development of the north of Cyprus.

Tatar also spoke on the irrigation tunnel being constructed in Morphou (Güzelyurt) and stated that: “… the irrigation tunnel will reduce dependency on underwater reserves, allowing the water table to replenish itself …”.

Lastly, Tatar stated that Turkish Cypriots would be ready to share this water coming from Turkey with Greek Cypriots, that he made such a proposal but that he did not receive any positive response.

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