Turkish Cypriots Set to Organize “Democracy and Will” Protest Today

Turkish Cypriots and the “Democracy and Will” platform in the north of Cyprus will organize a “Democracy and Will” march today at 18:00 in northern Nicosia. 

According to sources at the north of the island, the protest is being organized to demand for democracy to prevail. The protest comes after the election of Ersin Tatar as the new Turkish Cypriot leader, who many claim was heavily favored by Turkey, instead of former leader Mustafa Akıncı. Akıncı himself is also expected to attend the march, despite having undergone gallbladder removal surgery quite recently.

The march is expected to be large in numbers with the Democracy and Will platform saying that “… despite everything, this country has been a country where people from different views can look at each other with tolerance, and where consciences and minds cannot be silenced, and it will continue to be. The Turkish Cypriot people have shown that no intervention to their own will and democracy will be tolerated and will never be accepted in the public’s conscience …”.

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