Turkish Minister Of National Defense: “We Can See That There Is No Other Out Other Than A Two-State Solution In Cyprus”

According to news sources from the north of Cyprus, Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke on the Cyprus Problem during his attendance at a military ceremony in Turkey and stated that “… it is nothing but a waste of time to repeatedly discuss old solution formulas which have resulted in failure in the last 50 years …”.

Akar: “… despite all our positive, constructive approaches, provocative attempts to limit our rights given by international law, protests, irresponsible statements and threatening language, are naturally increasing the tension at the Aegean and is deepening the problems as well as breaking the regional peace, serenity and stability …”.

Akar continued by saying that the Cyprus Problem is a national issue and that “… everyone must see the Cyprus Peace Operation, no one must ignore it. It has really brought peace, serenity, and stability to the island. Turkey, along with England and Greece, is a guarantor state in Cyprus. It also does not reflect reality to try and show the presence of the Turkish army at the island any different from its legal foundation. These wrong declarations, unjust warnings, will neither help the Hellenic or Greek Cypriot side. The Greeks must immediately give up their uncompromising stance and accept the Turkish difference over there. The EU must also leave strategic blindness aside. We are expecting them to follow events closely and see them how they really are. It is nothing but a waste of time to repeatedly discuss old solution formulas which have resulted in failure in the last 50 years. We have clearly seen in this in 50 years. We, who follow the situation at the island closely, can see that there is no other out other than a two-state solution at the island. We, also want everyone with common sense to see this. Our expectation of 3rd parties is for them to be objective, and for them to assess problems within the framework of reason and logic. After saying all these things, these issues should never be forgotten. No project which does not include Turkey or Turkish Cypriots with relation to Cyprus, has the chance to live. We are determined to protect all our rights and benefits in all our seas including Cyprus and thank god we are able to do this …”.

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