Turkish Newspaper “Türkiye” Claims Azerbaijan, Pakistan & Libya Are Ready to Recognize “State” In North Cyprus

According to Turkish Newspaper “Türkiye”, Azerbaijan, Pakistan & Libya are ready to recognize the “state” in the north of Cyprus after the events that took place in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 

The newspaper claims that it has been in contact with the President of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Human Rights Institute Dr. Ahmet Şahidov, who allegedly informed the newspaper that “as per the agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the 10th of November, there is no longer a ‘Republic of Artsakh’ … we have taken our land back. There is no longer an obstacle for Azerbaijan to recognize the TRNC … now once the agreement is implemented on the field and after we are done with this process, official relations can begin between Azerbaijan and the TRNC in the first months of 2021 …”. According to the newspaper, the ‘Republic of Artsakh’ was one of the obstacles in the way of this recognition, that the “European Union was threatening that it would officially recognize the ‘Republic of Artsakh'”.

Under the headline “A New Period With Tatar”, the newspaper also writes that “the TRNC which has entered a new period with President Ersin Tatar, after this upcoming period, will begin to work towards official relations with and to be recognized by (aside from Azerbaijan), Pakistan, Libya, Bangladesh and Gambia … it is being planned for President Tatar to visit first Azerbaijan, and then Pakistan and Libya. Pakistan and Bangladesh previously recognized the independence of the TRNC, however they backtracked from this after pressure from England the USA. While African nation, Gambia has also stated that it is ready to recognize the TRNC, Libya is also de factor recognizing the TRNC …”.

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