Turkish Vice President: “We Favour Solution, We Favour Brotherhood, We Favour Cooperation”

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay spoke today on the various agreements signed between the administration in the north of Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey stating that ” … we favour solution, we favour brotherhood, we favour cooperation …”. 

According to news sources from the north of the island, based on the cooperative protocols signed, Turkey will invest resources into the north of the island worth up to 2 and a half Turkish Liras. According to Oktay, structural reforms will be implemented, the needs for the foundations of transport and energy will be covered, with various other sectors receiving an investment such as digitalization and agriculture.

Oktay emphasized that ” … whatever it is that we are doing for Turkey, we intend to transfer it here [north of Cyprus] with knowledge, knowhow and experience …”.

Oktay also spoke on the Covid issue and added that a second set of 40 thousand doses of vaccines are set to arrive in the north of Cyprus today. Oktay emphasized that they will continue to send vaccines, until everyone in the north of Cyprus is vaccinated.

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